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I woke up with elephants sitting on my chest, and it felt like someone was squeezing my head. (Doctor’s know these explanations) and at Urgent Care I was given a breathing treatment that opened my air passageway immediately. I asked for my prescription to be sent to a local pharmacy.  But, when at the pharmacy, discovered that it was closed on Sunday.  So applied “Determination” to get my prescription filled at a 2nd pharmacy that didn’t have my prescription called in…


This incident reminds me of a story in Tae Yun Kim’s Seven Steps to Inner Power book, page 31-32, in “Determination Depends on You” about paying a Tailor $1,000 in advance to design evening clothes for a (once in a life time) event, going through all kinds of road & delay obstacles, then finally arriving at the Tailor’s just after he hung up the “CLOSED” sign. But, through “Determination” got the Tailor to open the door…


7 minutes before the 2nd pharmacy closed, I was on the phone with the Urgent Care answering service working on getting the on-call Doctor to call in my prescription to the 2nd pharmacy.

Other challenges: Urgent Care closed at 4pm and earlier emailed my prescription to the 1st pharmacy (that I didn’t know was closed on Sunday).

So when I called Urgent Care and got their answering service at 4:45pm, 5pm, and at 5:30pm, the on-call Doctor was gone for the day, and the advise nurse informed me (3 times) it’d be 30 minutes before I’d receive a call back.

Seems like an impossible situation, huh?

Well, we made it happen, got the on-call Doctor speaking to the 2nd pharmacist seconds before their 6pm closing time, and the pharmacist filled my prescription within minutes after closing for the day!

That’s “Determination!”