Kevin Campbell

Every day I am inspired by author Tae Yun Kim. The world won’t hand me what I want on a platter. I have to fight for what I want, whether it is getting a job ahead of other applicants, or achieving success in what I already have.  This is related to her expression, “He can do, She can do, Why not me?“. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim fights for what she wants in her life, and that inspires me to fight for what I want in my life. Fighting doesn’t mean beating up other people, it means asserting myself persistently. Yes, I will have setbacks. Yes, I will have to try and try again. The important thing for me is not to give up and keep trying. As long as I keep trying, I eventually find a way to achieve success with each goal.

Other references:  Life Story, Sports, CEO of JSW, Workface, TKD…

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