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One of the characteristics of being a Jung SuWon Warrior is to be READY, anytime, any place.

I definitely experienced this today!

I had the opportunity to meet with Great GrandmasterTae Yun Kim and KwanJangNim Michael Fell today at an impromptu meeting.  KwanJangNim Fell happened to pull out a “new board” that would be used in future testing events.

Needless to say, when I saw the board, my jaw dropped.  It was 8″x11″… standard for the boards we usually break, but the difference was the THICKNESS.  It was double size… 1.5″ thick.

The board was HUGE!

My thought and words at the time were:  “This is a scary.”

Instantly, Great Grandmaster Kim directed me to stand up and start breathing.

My immediate thought was “OMG.”  We weren’t in the dojang. I wasn’t wearing my uniform. Nothing on the outside indicated that we were in a time or place to…

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