SarahSmile 🙂

The tragedy in Colorado is still fresh in everyone’s minds.  I read a bunch of news articles about those who lost their lives.

One woman had escaped a shooting in Canada last year.  She said it made her realize how lucky she was and how much she appreciated her life.

Now, sadly, she lost her life in another shooting.


This is why Great GrandmasterTae Yun Kim says to “Celebrate Every Living Breath as if it were Your Last!”  Because you never know what might happen the next day, the next hour or the next minute.

I was in a major car accident in 1992…I rolled my car.  I remember crawling out the passenger side window thinking, “Oh my God.”

I DEFINITELY did NOT wake up that morning and say to myself, I think I’ll get in a car accident today!

With God’s blessings and lots of guardian angels…

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