SarahSmile 🙂

I wish you could smell this blog post!!

If you could, you would possibly faint from the amazing smell.

I walked towards this tree and was completely washed over by the scent.  It almost made me drunk!  I was just drinking in the sweetness of the smell.

This is a photo of a flowering tree… it’s a perfume tree.  I don’t know much about flowers or trees… but I do know that the scent of this flower is amazing.  It’s like a honeysuckle.

You don’t even have to be near the tree to smell it.  The scent is so powerful.

Before I started training, I was oblivious to nature.

Great GrandmasterDr. Tae Yun Kim really taught me how to “stop and smell the roses.”

I’m always so busy in my daily life… staring at a computer screen, madly typing away at a keyboard…

But Great Grandmaster teaches how important…

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