Self Discovery as a Jung Su Won Warrior

How old will you be in 20 years? Picture yourself in 20 years. What do you see? How do you look? How do you feel?

Life coach and teacher Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim had a special training class for Masters and Black Belts recently. Opening class, Tae Yun Kim asked ” How old will you be in 20 years? Where are you, Why are you here? Picture yourself 20 years from now” When it came my turn to answer, “79 years, Ma’am.”  Shock set in. How long will my body hold out? If I make 79 it is only because I am training under a teacherwho is committed to helping students uncover their potential.

I am 58 years old. When I was growing up, I was accident prone. Spraining my right ankle a lot. I’ve also broken my foot, my wrist, a double break on my pelvis. Arthritis…

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